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Wills, Power of Attorney

John Carlisle is experienced in the preparation of wills and power of attorney documents to help his clients achieve peace of mind, ensuring their interests are protected for the benefit of their loved ones and their wishes are respected when they can no longer speak for themselves.

A Power of Attorney serves the client while they are alive; a Will sets out how assets are to be distributed to those left behind at the end of life.

Wills, Power of Attorney Services

Among those areas where a Power of Attorney is needed.

  • Management of assets for clients who are out of town
  • Management of assets for clients who can no longer give instructions inter-vivo gifts and property

John has assisted many clients in the preparation of Powers of Attorney and Wills to ensure their interests and final arrangements are respected. 

Among the areas considered in most wills are:

  • Protection and distribution of estate assets
  • Care and guardianship for children
  • Financial provision for family members
  • Funeral arrangement
  • Estate distribution and sale of assets

Estate Administration and Management

Since the role of acting as an executor of a will can be a heavy burden to bear, John provides assistance with probate matters including the preparation and filing of documents and administration of estates

John can help with all aspects of  real estate filing and administration. For more information on preparing a Will or Power of Attorney, contact John now at +1-604-889-6182 or john@johncarlisle.ca.

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John Carlisle – Your Trusted Lawyer

John Carlisle is a Real Estate Lawyer. John has many years of experience both in courts and tribunals located throughout British Columbia and Ontario. With more than 15 years of experience, John provides clear and accurate legal advice to his valued clients in Vancouver, and around the world. John has a passion for assisting both individuals and businesses with achieving their desired legal outcomes and is particularly focused on meeting the needs of personal, small business, and real estate matters.