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Are you involved in a legal dispute and require a qualified mediator? John Carlisle can help. As a skilled mediator with a record of success in resolving disputes, John excels at helping parties reach an agreement that both sides agree to be a “win-win.”

Mediation Services

John listens carefully to ascertain and understand the particulars of each individual case and each party’s perspective. He gathers all the relevant details necessary and explores options with you to facilitate the coming together to reach a mutually beneficial settlement. His expert services have helped mediation parties save both time and money in their efforts to bring their legal dispute to an acceptable resolution as easily and as amicably as possible.

John Carlisle has the skills and experience needed to help you settle your legal disputes quickly, reducing your expenditure of time and money involved in litigation.

Get your life back on track, faster and with less stress. Call the John Carlisle Law Corporation today to inquire about John’s mediation services.

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    To learn more about how John Carlisle can assist you with your next real estate deal, contact our office. We look forward to serving you.

    John Carlisle – Your Trusted Lawyer

    John Carlisle is a Real Estate Lawyer. John has many years of experience both in courts and tribunals located throughout British Columbia and Ontario. With more than 15 years of experience, John provides clear and accurate legal advice to his valued clients in Vancouver, and around the world. John has a passion for assisting both individuals and businesses with achieving their desired legal outcomes and is particularly focused on meeting the needs of personal, small business, and real estate matters.