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Service in your Language

John and his team offer services in English, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Mandarin to make sure clients are full participants in their legal matters

Working together

John works with co-operating lawyers in cities throughout Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA, so overseas clients can sign documents and perform transactions with a nexus in Canada without having to leave home. John has a proven record of success helping overseas clients. He is your local lawyer wherever you are.

What types of legal matters can John Carlisle help me with?

If you are looking to purchase or sell property or business, open a new business, require a will or power of attorney document drafted, are seeking an incorporation or corporate restructuring for your business, or are in need of document notarization, John can help.

How many years has John Carlisle been practicing law?

John Carlisle brings over fifteen years of experience in commercial, real estate, and business law to his valued clients. John is a very experienced lawyer that has served many clients in Vancouver, and around the world.

Do I need to make an office visit to receive legal help from John?

Though in office conferencing is often the most effective means to begin the representation process, many legal services can be initiated over the phone or online.

What are John’s hours of operation?

John Carlisle’s law office is open for business Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 am to 6 pmTo accommodate clients with unusual schedules, appointments can be made for outside office hours or outside our offices

How much will a consultation with John cost me?

All legal consulting and services begin with an initial consultation to ascertain the commitment of time and projected expenses involved in the client matter. During this conference, fees for services to complete the required legal process are discussed. Most initial consultations are without charge

Will I be kept up to date on the status of my case?

John places a high priority on both transparency and communication. To this end, he makes every effort to keep clients well-informed of all associated costs and provides regular updates regarding each step of the process until the case is brought to a complete resolution. This may be accomplished through phone calls or e-mails as best befits the situation and client needs. John is also active on social media platforms like WeChat and Whatsapp.

What do I do if I have a question about my case?

John is available to his clients when questions arise. To receive a response to your question, simply call John’s office or send an email to john@johncarlisle.ca For urgent matters, phone calls are recommended.

*One of the services we also offer is that we work with a network of lawyers who can assist our clients to sign documents overseas, in USA, Asia, Europe, etc..

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