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Commercial Purchase and Sale

John Carlisle, a highly experienced lawyer has many years of experience successfully serving clients with commercial purchases and sale. The purchase or sale of a commercial property involves many steps which require legal expertise. The right legal representation expedites the process and eliminates mistakes, saving buyers and sellers time and money.

Commercial Sale and Purchase Services

Among the commercial sale and purchase conveyancing services John Carlisle offers his valued Vancouver clients include:

  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Assistance with mortgage financing from banks and private lenders
  • Transfers
  • Working with clients to complete the deal

Crafting an agreement for a purchase or sale is a detailed process which requires experienced legal counsel in order to ensure legal requirements have been strictly adhered to. A vital part of this process includes conducting due diligence in such areas as thorough title searches, survey reviews, pre-contract investigations, environmental assessments, and ensured compliance to meet the criteria established by building and government offices.

 John works with buyers and sellers of commercial properties to guide them through each step of the process in an efficient manner. Each procedure is carefully explained to the client to maintain total transparency and ensure complete understanding of the transaction.

 A lawyer with many years of experience assisting commercial property buyers and sellers with their conveyancing needs, John Carlisle provides his clients with the assurance their transaction will be completed on time and error free.   

John takes care of it all.  You have peace of mind.

John Carlisle has the expertise commercial property buyers and sellers need to assist them with:

  • Commercial leasing
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Commercial real estate purchase and sale
  • Lease agreements

To learn more about how John can assist you with your commercial sale and purchase conveyancing needs, contact John at +1-604-889-6182 or john@johncarlisle.ca.

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John Carlisle – Your Trusted Lawyer

John Carlisle is a Real Estate Lawyer. John has many years of experience both in courts and tribunals located throughout British Columbia and Ontario. With more than 15 years of experience, John provides clear and accurate legal advice to his valued clients in Vancouver, and around the world. John has a passion for assisting both individuals and businesses with achieving their desired legal outcomes and is particularly focused on meeting the needs of personal, small business, and real estate matters.